Flat Rate Lumper Service | Container Unloading Destuffing

Container Unloading and Rail Contracting Services

We offer Flat Rate Container Unloading for Cargo, 20ft, 40ft, and 53ft containers; multiple sorts and any amount of pieces, our teams can handle it.

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Efficient Solutions to Unloading Freight

Our team of specialized Lumpers focus on providing a quality service while ensuring a fast and accurate offload. We sort and palletize product according to your tie and tier specifications. Our unloaders inventory the containers contents, shrink wrap the pallets, and stage them on the receiving floor.

We offer a variety of service options allowing us to cater to any clients needs. From simple unloading, to complex sorts, and co-pack or re-pack solutions.
It's simple really; The cost savings! Take all the guess work out of how long it will take and how much it will cost. It makes monthly budgeting so easy.
Our staff goes through an in depth interview and selection process to ensure we provide you with the quality staff to handle any job you may have.