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When looking for a reliable company to provide efficient Container Unloading Services; look no further than the professionals here at Container Solutions. We have the experience and knowledge to effectively service any container unloading requirement from start to finish.  Select the whole package or specific services according to your unloading needs.   We can help with pick up from Rail, unloading contents, to return of the container.  We are your one-stop container unloading specialists.

Our well-trained staff are highly customizable to your specific needs. We are constantly evaluating and training our staff to ensure quality and professionalism. Our team is efficient, focused, and takes pride in their work. Features such as these that allow us to provide peace of mind to our customers.

Here at Container Solutions, our goal is to deliver a positive container unloading experience and our promise is to provide the best customer service from professional, talented, and background checked staff.

Lumper Services – Unloading Trailers and Containers

Trailer Unloading Lumpers
Our staff arrives on site to unload / destuff your freight. We inventory, palletize, and shrink wrap your products. We offer this fast and efficient lumper services at a flat rate for any size container or trailer. Our staff are insured, well trained, and take pride in their work. We build to your block patterns (Tie and Tier) or we recommend a specific pattern for a strong, structured pallet.

If you do not have a warehouse; we have a distribution center in Brampton for your warehousing needs. We hand unload most containers but offer slip sheet and clamp offloads as well. We have assets for drayage; picking up, delivering, and returning containers from Rail Yards, or you can use your own service. We are a freight management company that offers custom solutions to fit any business plan or budget.

There is no container we can’t handle; 5 lbs – 500 lbs boxes, 100 – 20,000 pieces, and/or multiple SKUs and sorts. Containers are always done on time and on the same day they are started.
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Container Unloading

Unloading ServicesThis is our specialty and our flag ship service since we opened in 2012.

We receive, inventory, sort, palletize and shrink wrap your products. We are a container offloading specialist, focusing on quality offloading. We ensure an accurate destuffing with well-built block patterns. All this at a flat rate charge.
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Container Loading

ourservicesloadingSimilar to container offloading; This is also a flag ship service of ours.

Let us ship, inventory, and load your outbound products. When we load your container we ensure an accurate and optimal load so your customers get an easy offload when your container arrives to them. We are an extension of your business.
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Cross Dock Services

Cross-DockInterested in using our Cross Dock? We would be happy to give you a tour. Contact us today to arrange a meeting.

We are a custom 3PL Service Provider; we pride ourselves in working with all our customers to reach an optimal efficiency in providing their warehousing and distribution needs. From simple cross dock to complex pick and pack. We can do it all.
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ourservicescopackThis is a service we have been offering since 2014 as some of our customers requested we quote on it. We take the same quality approach to co-packing as we do with our loading and offloading services.

When we co-pack; we can sticker, add multiple items, remove items, and / or add literature for you.
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ourservicesrepackHave some out dated packaging? Wanting to take that older stock and repackage to look like your new branding and marketing ideas?

Our team is quick, dedicated, timeline driven, and focuses on efficient product repacking.

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Freight Management

ourservicesrepackAs much as we would love for the imported product to come in ready to ship out or sell; that is usually is not the case. When unloading the container; you can do this a few ways. We palletize all the products separately or can unload the products according to outbound orders. This really depends on if the product is being warehoused or cross docked and shipped directly to a customer or distribution center. At this stage, its a great time to do any co-packing, display building, or last minute stickering.

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