Grain Transfer Services

PVC Pellet Transfer Service

Our team of bulk commodity specialist have a wide range of experience transloading and balancing many different types of commodities including:

Bulk grain transfer like soybeans, corn, wheat, and barley,

Bulk PVC transfer like resin in pellets and powder.

Bulk powder transfer like potash, soda ash, other fertilizers, and sugar.

We can transfer just about anything with line up of Walinga’s proven, portable bulk transfer units. Working mostly in bulk rail cars like hoppers and gondolas; We offer load transfers and rebalancing services.

In our equipment line up, we use the Walinga Bulk Transfer systems. We have food grade stainless steel bulk transfer units with Air Purge that can handle contaminant free transfers of grains, pellet, granular and powder type bulk products. Our line up of Bulk Transfer Vacs are perfectly suited for polyethylene pellets, PVC resins, various powders and even traditionally difficult commodities like sugar.

PVC Resin Hopper Re-Balance

PVC Resin Transfer Service

Grain transfer between hoppers

Grain Transfer Service

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