Driver Assist Loads

What is a Driver Assist Load?

The “driver assist load” term is most commonly used when a distribution centre receives a trailer, or container that has product that needs to be handled before it can be put away. Some distribution centres require the truck driver to help unload the product or they impose fees if the product is not ready be put away. Most trucking companies hire a company like us to come rework and prepare the product. This is called a Driver Assist Load. We do this onsite at your customers distribution centre or at your warehouse and prepare the outbound loads before they ship out.

We work in warehouses such as Walmart, Home Depot, DHL, Fed Ex, and Costco to help offload trailers to reduce excess fees by these distribution centres for issues such as mixed POs or pallets that require breaking down and repalletizing. We are familiar with each distribution centres specific requirements to minimize additional service charges. Fees from these distribution centres start at $1000 and up; for each occurrence and rise with non compliance.

Another great reason to work with Container Solutions on Driver Assist Loads is we provide an external third party audit of the product received at these locations. When we are provided a packing list for the contents of the trailer; we can confirm totals of products being received and provide a detailed worksheet via email once an offload as been completed.

While we can’t guarantee no service fees from these distribution centres will incur; but we can always report back to help reduce future fees by providing feedback and recommendations on how trailers can be loaded more efficiently to reduce the amount of rework client side.

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