Container Unloading

Container unloading or destuffing can be done a variety of ways. When clamping is available; it’s the easiest and fastest way to unload a container. When products cannot be clamped; usually because there is mixed skus or small boxes. Agency workers or Lumpers are often used.

The difference?

Agency workers are paid hourly and do a variety of jobs on any given day.

Lumpers are paid flat rate per container and specialize in the unloading or destuffing of containers.

Depending on your needs; either option can work for you. Container unloading with Lumpers ensures a timely and accurate destuffing. Lumpers want to get the cans done quickly; as they are not paid hourly. The efficient unload of a container allows them to do a few containers per day.

Specializing in container unloading; Lumpers arrive at your location at the designated time to get there paperwork for the container. Once all the container are destuffed; Lumpers get there paperwork signed and leave.

Some agency workers can take 6 hours to unload a container and some could take 2 days. This variable cost to container unloading is troubling to most businesses. Knowing the cost to unload your containers before they arrive helps manage budgets and employees. Flat rate container unloading is the way to go.