Top 5 things to consider when shipping goods over the border

When it comes to moving goods over the border, there are many uncontrollable factors that can cause delays and in turn, cost businesses a pretty penny. Container Solutions, a service provider, offers flat rate container unloading for cargo, with teams equipped to handle deliveries of any size. Servicing companies large and small, they have made the unloading process easier and save their clients from the unforeseen costs that add up at the border.

Here’s what you need to know when it comes to shipping goods over the Canadian border:

1. Inspections from the Canada Border Service Agency (CBSA) can cause delays in shipping and result in fines

When your goods are inspected by the CBSA, you may incur fines, including demurrage charges, from delays. Demurrage charges can be incurred on both imports and exports. They are often issued when your cargo exceeds its time allotted sitting at the port. Often, these fees are associated with either making trucks wait additional time when unloading or loading containers, and/or holding the equipment with the cargo past its allotted time frame.

2. Demurrage charges happen with and without CSBA inspections

While your cargo may have arrived on time, errors in your shipping forms and/or associated documentation can leave your containers stuck and at risk to incur demurrage fees.

3. Arrange a service provider for container unloading

An often-overlooked item that many businesses don’t account for is arranging a service provider to make unloading easier. Service providers, like Container Solutions, provide the proper packing lists to make the unloading process from the border to the designated warehouse much easier, giving you the reassurance that everything is arriving on time and in order.

4. Organize and account for drayage

What is drayage?

Drayage is the fee to transport goods from the port to its intended location/warehouse.
When your products come into the port in Vancouver or Toronto, it doesn’t necessarily mean that they will be delivered to the desired warehouse or destination. An agency or service provider is required to be the “middleman” to retrieve your goods at the port and deliver them directly to the intended destination. Container Solutions has the resources and teams in place to effectively claim your containers and ensure seamless delivery to your desired location.

5. Reserve warehouse space in advance

Many businesses import products, but often forget to arrange a warehouse space prior to ordering their goods. Most warehouses are at 125% capacity and refuse new clients during peak seasons of delivery. Container Solutions offers both seasonal and long-term warehouse space, working closely with over 30 different warehouses in the Greater Toronto Area to support their client base.

At the end of the day, facilities at any port are required to move quickly and stay on schedule, and any factors that prevent this—whether it’s your fault or not—can and will result in demurrage charges. While demurrage charges can be frustrating for any business, Container Solutions is equipped to streamline the entire unloading process. At one flat rate, you can rest assured that you’re saving money and that your containers of goods are arriving safely and on time.